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Vivitar Camcorder

The Vivitar Camcorder - A Review Of The 500 Digital Video Camera Range


Every year, special occasions roll around – whether it is the graduating college senior walking towards the future or the trip to Cancun for your honeymoon. While photos are great, a digital image with sound and movement is much better. This is where the Vivitar camcorder comes in, as it allows users to capture the unique moments in life that you want to last forever. In this line of digital video cameras, you will find that many options are grouped in their current 500-series of camcorders.  This article represents a Vivitar digital video camera review of several models.

Vivitar DVR 510 camcorder

With an image resolution of up to 3264 x 2448, the picture quality of this Vivitar camcorder joins uncomplicated operation that records MPEG4 movies with sound. The multi-function capabilities of this camcorder is seen through its ability to act as a digital still camera, digital video recorder, digital voice recorder, and even an MP3 player all at once. Previous buyers have praised the simple flip of the screen located on the side, which easily rotates to achieve satisfactory viewing positions.

An easy on/off push button controls the power to zoom in and out on an object, begin recording, and pause whenever the need arises. This particular Vivitar camcorder model is known for its small yet handy size, which is actually quite fun to use. It also makes the perfect gift for a beginner looking for a convenient model to start out with. Additional key features include 4x digital zoom, built-in SD card (32MB), red-eye reduction flash, 10-second self-timer, and built-in microphone.

Vivitar DVR 530 Camcorder

To accommodate a fast-paced schedule, consumers recommend the Vivitar camcorder (model DVR 530), which offers a combination of digital camera, MP3 player, and DVR all rolled into one unit. With a 5.0 megapixel sensor for still images, users are able to play around with a 4x digital zoom and a 2 ½ -inch adjustable LTPS color display. The convenience of a focus-free lens with macro is a plus for many. Previous consumers have praised the DVR 530 for its results with outdoor use, where the purchase of 2GB SD cards can deliver around 1 hour of record time.

If you're planning on purchasing this particular model to record inside buildings (especially with a low level of light), you may want to pass on the 530, as it hasn’t ranked high in this category. While enjoying the great outdoors, this is the perfect travel camcorder, as stills and video highlight a beautiful, crisp appearance. Additional perks include the ability to record from DVDs (with the help of a TV-In jack), audio memo function, 32 MB built-in memory, and PictBridge compatibility.

Vivitar DVR 560g Camcorder

The consumer who wishes to make movies, listen to music, and snap pictures without switching back and forth between different pieces of equipment will find delight in the 560g Vivitar camcorder model, which delivers an impressive blend of all three capabilities. With the 560g model, the video quality has been rated as pretty decent, accommodating the user who needs to shoot quick videos under everyday circumstances.

However, moving too fast can cause a blurry image to emerge that worsens in low levels of light. Yet in still, when compared to standard video cameras, the 560g also exceeds the competition. The camcorder offers a compact size that is highly portable. Additional features of the 560g include 8x digital zoom, convenient 2.0” LCD monitor, voice recorder, PC cam abilities, and motion detection.

Overall, Vivitar has gained a reputation in producing affordable and easy-to use selections that help beginners and beyond capture the memories they want to freeze in time. 


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