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Vidster Digital Video Camera

Vidster Digital Video Camera - A Childrens Video Camera

It is rare to locate a manufacturer that creates video devices for children.  However, that is exactly what a Vidster digital video camera is.  Your kids can now take home movies or create an action story with their friends.  It is a fantastic product that can be used in anyway the child wishes.  They could design a story and bring it to life.  A Vidster digital video camera is a wonderful method in bringing their imagination to life.  As a parent, your children seem to flock towards all the expensive electronics that are around the home.  You chase after them but still they want to play with the adult toys.  The Vidster digital video camera is an excellent choice for the child.  There are several benefits as well as some pros and cons to purchasing this toy for your children.

The benefits for this new toy are fabulous.  It is reasonably priced at a mere 80 dollars.  The Vidster digital video camera is durable, which can be dropped, dragged and ran into by a small bicycle and just works as brand new.  The camera is controlled by an SD memory card instead of any type of tape.  This will assist in less damage and more video time.  A microphone is built in for audio support.  Various accessories come with the toy.  This includes a tripod and hand-grip attachments.

The pros of a Vidster digital video camera are plentiful.  Any child can set up the camera on the TV for simple playback of their own videos.  The child can learn how to use the editing software quickly and without much effort.  With any computer in the home, they will be able to edit their videos with ease.  This machine is equipped with an LCD viewfinder directly on the camera.  The recommended age is 8 and up but children as young as 5 can find this amusing as well as entertaining.

The cons of a Vidster digital video camera are rather small in comparison.  The machine is only equipped with 32 MB on-board memory.  This only will house around 7 minutes worth of video. Nevertheless, it can be upgraded.  This does not have an optical zooming option.  The camera also does not have a pull-out LCD screen.  The resolution is not the best you could receive.  However, the picture quality is enough to make a small child happy.

A Vidster digital video camera is a fantastic product for the low price of only 80 dollars.  This machine can enlighten any child.  They will be able to use their imagination as well as learn how to edit their own movies.  The kids can get their friends together and create a story right in front of the camera.  They could also use the Vidster digital video camera as a tool to capture everyday happenings around the home.  On vacations, the children can create their own memories.  This product will make them feel like they are using a grownup toy.  The Vidster digital video camera is a fabulous machine that would make any child happy.


Vidster Digital Video Camera

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