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Underwater Video Camera

Underwater Video Camera Housing And Underwater Camcorder Cases

Underwater Video Camera

With the advances being made in technology, it is now possible to capture the full experience of life under the sea. Whether you are a casual diver or commercial operation, an underwater video camera can help you capture the experience for live streaming viewing or for future playback and reference. There are several different prevailing variations to the use of an underwater camera. Some are for personal use for spot diving whilst other underwater video camera's are designed to be lowered into the water or supported by an umbilical cord attached to a telescopic handle. A diving underwater camcorder can support varying depths and commercial cameras that are suspended below the surface can stream live video from up to 1000 feet.

For commercial operations, an underwater camcorder can be used for fishing, marine biology research, oil rig or well inspections, swimming training and any other activity that can benefit from video playback or from on the spot viewing. Recreational services often make use of an underwater video camera to capture the pristine beauty of the marine life for tourist purposes. These solutions can be purchased off the shelf or purpose built depending on the required design and specifications.

Underwater Video Camera

For casual or hobby users, underwater video camera housing can be used for diving expeditions or to protect your camera lenses from corrosion, fogging and mildew. Underwater video housing can be purchased for a diverse range of makes and models. Basically, they allow your standard video camera to be mounted in a stainless steel tray using a tripod mount screw. The camera and tray are then positioned for optimal alignment inside the underwater camcorder case and screwed into place. Some advanced underwater camcorder housing even permits you to use the playback features whilst you are located beneath the ocean. This is a neat feature for diving enthusiasts who wants to share their experiences with family and friends.

Underwater camcorder video housing is available to support a number of leading manufacturers and brands. You can purchase off the shelf underwater video camera cases that have been designed for leading brands such as Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Hitachi, Canon and Samsung. Examples include underwater casing that supports the Canon XH-G1 & XH A1 High Definition Camera, Panasonic HVX200 High Definition and Sony Z1U High Definition Range. The products are covered by warranty and can support depths of up to 275 feet. The other neat factor about these products is that they often have a ballistic release system in case you get into trouble. By pulling the quick release pin, the underwater video housing becomes positive and shoots to the surface. Expect to pay anywhere from $825 up to $3000 for this type of product.

Whether you are looking for a personal or commercial underwater video camera, there is no shortage of options to choose form. Examine all the options and use review sites to learn more about the functions and features. You will then be in a better position to make an informed decision.

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