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Sony Video Camcorder - A Review Of Sony DCR-HC96 MiniDV And Sony Digital Camcorder DSR-PD170 DV

Two years ago it was apparent to many the Sony Video Camcorder was not a sought after item. The powers that be at Sony were forced to take stock of a gloomy situation. It resulted in the Sony Video Camcorder making a comeback with the Sony DCR-HC96 (miniDV). It did prove to be enough to warm up the chilly attitude of many Sony customers. It was acknowledged, the range looked better, had widescreens and also LCD screens with on-frame controls. At last, the Sony Digital Camcorder had what the customers had been asking for all along.

This particular model of a Sony Video Camcorder is solid enough to use with comfort. It does have a reasonable variety of auto and manual controls. Consumers will not be confronted by a confusing amount of controls. This specific set of LCD screen frame controls, ensures the DCR-HC96 is easy to hold. Consumers do acknowledge the zoom controls have proved to be handy. There is no consumer who wants to pay for unnecessary features on a Sony Video Camcorder. Logically, the DCR-HC96 model has done away with useless controls.

When having to make a choice of a Sony Video Camcorder it is reasonable to consider as many of the features as possible. It would be important to select a model that would fulfill an individual's requirements. Having considered the newer DCR-HC96 (miniDV), it may be helpful to look at a model that can produce more. The miniDV has a track pitch of 10 microns (SP). The Sony Digital Camcorder DSR-PD170 DV is capable of a higher spec DVCAM format. The DSR-PD170 DV has a 15 microns track pitch to be exact. Consumers have noted this means less recording time.

It seems that to compare one Sony Video Camcorder with another could also lead to a number of pitfalls. What the one model lacks the other makes a feature of. The best indication of which model to go for is to know exactly what the Sony Digital Camcorder will be used for. The DCR-HC96 (miniDV) has proved to be a popular lightweight model. The DSR-PD170 DV is a heavier weight model that is used by amateurs and professionals alike. It seems that the miniDV is less popular with broadcasters. The high measure of user control from the DSR-PD170 DV is a notable capability of the model.

Most consumers who buy a Sony Video Camcorder want to know how to fix a broken tape. The advice is pretty straightforward. If you are not a professional, do not attempt to fix the tape. The layperson will cause even more damage. However, there are professionals available to perform this task. The best place to ask would be a local audio/video company. The damaged part of the tape is carefully removed. This is the piece that cannot be repaired. The portion that is discarded makes up only a minute or two of the complete tape. The rest of the tape is salvageable. This is a job that is best left to the professionals.

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