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Sanyo Digital Video Camera

Sanyo Digital Video Camera Reviews For Popular Sanyo Models

Sanyo Digital Video Camera

Sanyo digital video cameras are a great choice.  They are good quality cameras that you can purchase at a good price.  They have sleek, modern designs that make them very attractive and popular as well as having great features. Here are a few of the Sanyo digital video camera models and their features examined in this Sanyo digital camera review.

One great Sanyo digital video camera is the Sanyo 6 MP VPC-E1BL Waterproof MPEG-4.  This is perfect for videographers that live by the water since you can record footage 5 feet underwater for 30 minutes!  Not many video cameras can do that!  It also has 5x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom.  There is a 2.5" LCD screen that comes out from the camera and rotates 285 degrees.  This makes getting hard to view shots a breeze.  You can also take still photos with great resolution with 6 megapixels.  It has webcam capability and a built in microphone with automatic wind reduction technology.  Your MPEG-4 files can be loaded directly into iTunes and transferred to a video capable iPod.  With so many great features, the $499 that this will set you back seems like a bargain. 

Another great option is the VPC-CG65 Sanyo digital video camera.  It is small and lightweight and can be operated with just one hand.  It features 6x optical zoom, and you can shoot still photos while you are in video mode.  It can record 10 hours of full motion videos or 4,000 still photos.  You can load the MPEG-4 files into iTunes and transfer it to a video capable iPod.  It has a very short start up time, and can be ready to go in as little as 1.7 seconds.  It also has a 9 image display function feature that allows users to search for specific pictures quickly and easily.  The VPC-CG65 Sanyo digital video camera also has an image stabilizer to eliminate hand shake.  These are only a few of the many amazing features of this handy little video camera. 

The Sanyo 6MP VPC-CA6 Xacti Weatherproof Digital Camera has many extras that make it great for both the serious videographer and the beginner.  It features 6 MP for high resolution still photos, and you can even take still photos while you are shooting video footage.  This way you will never miss a photo opportunity.  The advanced MPEG-4 technology allows your to save space while recording your videos in real time.  There is a 2.2" high resolution LCD screen that flips out from the camera and rotates 285 degrees to make it easy to get shots at all angles.  There is a 6.37 MP CCD image sensor to help you get realistic video images with full sound.  It also has a built in image stabilizer that distinguishes between hand shake and deliberate movement.  This way you will get a smooth image every time.  It has 5x optical and 12x digital zoom.  With all of these fantastic features, who wouldn't be thrilled with this great little Sanyo digital video camera?  This model only costs around $200.

All of the Sanyo digital video cameras are great options for any user.  They have outstanding features that are up to date with the technology around them.  The only hard thing about buying a Sanyo digital video camera is deciding which great option is right for you!


Sanyo Digital Video Camera

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