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Pocket Digital Camcorders

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Pocket Digital Camcorders And High Definition Video Cameras

Pocket Digital Camcorders

Shopping for a digital camcorder is easier than you may think. With the growing number of pocket digital camcorders in a price range from under $100 to over $1,000, you can easily compare brands, prices and functionality between several different models before deciding which one to purchase. As long as you know beforehand what features are important  to you, you can find a pocket digital camcorder that will perfectly meet your needs and your budget. This article will give you an overview of the things you may need to consider when buying your digital camcorder

Going For Resolution

One of the most important factors in a digital camcorder is the resolution it can capture. With high-definition video cameras spilling into the market with increasingly lower price tags, you may be able to afford a model that offers amazingly clear resolution. Many high-definition video cameras will even allow you to record video using 1080i. This is how many HDTV shows are currently broadcast.

Screen Size Does Matter

A larger screen offers several benefits. You can more easily see what is recording which allows you to adjust settings to get a better picture. You can also get a clear picture on playbacks so you will know if something you recorded truly looks good. That said, you should be aware that some screens are difficult to see in direct sunlight. If you plan to do most of your recording outside in the sun, this is something you need to consider when looking at pocket digital camcorders.

Image Stabilization

Most pocket digital camcorders offer some level of image stabilization. So, if your hands shake when you record or you are recording while moving over rough terrain, a camcorder's ability to stabilize the picture can be handy. Current models offer either optical or electronic stabilization. Camcorders with electronic stabilization allows images to "float" and the camcorder then interprets the video to adjust. Camcorders using optical stabilization compensates for the shakiness through the lens. Of the two, many people claim that optical stabilization is more effective for adjusting for any shakiness during recording.

Brief Note On Batteries

There will likely be times when your camcorder's battery expires while you are recording. You should keep in mind how much recording and playback time your battery allows. While all batteries vary in performance, most should offer an hour of recording and playback performance. If you plan to record often for longer periods of time, consider purchasing an additional high-capacity battery for $50-$100.

When There Is Very Little Light

You will find yourself recording in environments that offer very little light. Many pocket digital camcorders can film in low-light environments by using either an infrared light, a slow-shutter mechanism that takes advantage of ambient lighting, or illumination from one or more LEDs within the camcorder. Though this functionality is helpful when you are filming in places that do not offer good lighting, understand that recordings filmed in these environments will still look lower-quality than video captures in well-lit places.

There are dozens of great pocket digital camcorders available for any budget. The key to buying a good digital video cam is knowing what you need, knowing your budget and understanding the functionality and limitations of each potential model that attracts your interest. If you keep the tips above in mind while shopping, you will likely find a digital camcorder perfectly-suited to your needs.


Pocket Digital Camcorders

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