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Bratz Digital Video Camera

Bratz Digital Video Camera - A Digital Camera Review For A Kid

Bratz Digital Video Camera

The Bratz digital video camera is all the rage for young girls and some boys as well.  There are various features that are included when you purchase this fabulous camera for your child.  Children can experience all the thrills of taking their own home movies.  They will be able to record themselves dancing, signing or any other talent they may have.  The kids would be able to record skits and real-life movies with their friends.  A Bratz digital video camera is an excellent choice for any gift idea.  It is simple to use, the functions are self-explanatory, and every child will have a wonderful time.  There are several benefits, pros as well as cons for this endeavor.

A Bratz digital video camera has various benefits.  The camera is light and small to fit in any backpack.  Your child would be able to carry it to the park or school without any hassle.  The child has a choice of using batteries or an AC plug.  An AC plug is great when they are filming inside a location.  The Bratz digital video camera comes in different colors to match your child’s desires.  It is available at a low price of around 90 dollars.

The pros of a Bratz digital video camera are plentiful.  A pull-out LCD screen is an amazing tool.  This will allow your child to film everything clearly and precisely.  Your child can load the video on to the home computer and instantly edit their movies.  They will enjoy the quality of their work.  The resolution is a fabulous attribute at 3-megapixels.  A Bratz digital video camera has a built in microphone, excellent for making notes or creating masterpieces.  There is a light bulb built in to be able to take pictures even in the darkest places.  This camera comes with video editing software, so no addition programs need to be purchased.  The child can hook the camera directly into the TV for home viewing pleasures.

There are a few cons associated with the Bratz digital video camera.  The product only comes with 64MB on-board memory.  This means that an additional SD memory card will need to be purchased.  These can be located with up to 512MB.  A memory card can run the total price up to about 50 more dollars.  Even thought, the Bratz digital video camera does come with a flip-out LCD screen, it is fairly small.  The size is only 1.5”.  This could put a damper on the view the child has.

This type of machine is a fabulous kid friendly digital camera..  Any child would enjoy receiving their own movie maker.  A Bratz digital video camera has a recommended age of between 8 and 12 years old.  However, younger children may grasp the concept fairly easy.  It would be a great product for anyone who would like to dabble around in movie editing and creating their own images.  The benefits and pros of the Bratz digital video camera outweigh any negative effects.  It is very low priced and any child would have hours of entertaining excitement.


Bratz Digital Video Camera

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